The first coat of paint is done in the foyer and upstairs hallway!  Here are some pictures:

Downstairs Foyer


Upstairs Hallway

We’re happy with the way it’s turned out so far – we really aren’t missing the teal wallpaper!  Phil’s solution to skim coat and re-prime the walls where the wallpaper border removed the original paint seems to have worked great.  The walls are smooth and you can’t see where the border used to be.  We’ll just have to be careful in the future to not put tape or anything on the portions of the walls that weren’t skim coated and primed or we could find that the paint pulls away in those areas too.  I guess this is proof of how important it is to prep right before painting the first time!

There’s just one coat (and probably a few touch ups to the trim) left to go and Phil’s thinking he’ll be pretty much wrapped up on Monday.  I’m excited to see the new color without all the masking tape!

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