For Haley’s 7th birthday, we celebrated with a Lego Friends themed family party. We really didn’t do a whole lot in the way of special food or decorating, but we did make this fun Lego Friends Happy Birthday Banner and a homemade Lego Friends birthday cake.

Haley’s request for her cake was to have a pool in the shape of a “7” for her minifigs to swim in, a water slide, a “check-in station” on a beach, and a sidewalk for the minifigs to ride bikes on. She had built everything to put on the cake a few weeks in advance and was just so excited to finally put it all together!

Of all of the cakes we’ve made for her birthdays, this one turned out to be fairly simple. We started with an 11×15 cake (half vanilla, half devil’s food – we used box mixes), laid out the design she wanted and then frosted it with buttercream. For the beach, we added some graham cracker crumbs to give it a sandy texture. For the grassy areas, we piped the frosting with a grass tip.

I usually struggle to fill all of the voids and frost the sides of a cake smoothly, so I cheated a bit this time and ordered some Lego Friends ribbon that we pressed into the frosting to hide some of the imperfections around the bottom. Worked like a charm!

Overall, this was a pretty simple cake to make and Haley was thrilled that it worked out pretty much exactly as she had planned. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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