Master Bathroom Remodel

In the summer of 2012 (just a couple of months before Haley was born), we started renovations to our master bathroom. We only have one bathtub in the house (in the master bath) and it wasn’t very functional. Our goal was to at least fix the tub up enough that it could be used for the baby’s baths … and that quickly grew into a full bathroom remodeling project.

The “Before” pictures:

For this bathroom, we stuck with a fairly classic “all-white” design that feels pretty “at home” in our 1915 house.

Our Bathroom Inspiration

The majority of the work was completed before Haley was born, but it took a few more months for us to finally get everything painted. Honestly, I’m still not sure what we were thinking with the color we chose for the walls. It’s not terrible, but neither of us love it – I blame sleep deprivation. The rest of the remodel was great, but we do plan to re-paint this room eventually.

Some “After” pictures:

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We’re so excited – work starts on our master bathroom remodel at the end of this week!  We’ll post again soon with more details about the remodel, but (to get started) here are some pictures of what we’re starting with. We sure won’t miss all of that green tile or the non-functional bathtub!!    

Like any house, when we first walked through ours with a realtor about 5 years ago, we knew there were some projects we’d eventually want to tackle.  One of those was the master bathroom.  From a cosmetic standpoint, it was very green … but more importantly, we were concerned about the condition of the bathtub….

Master Bathroom Demo!

Last Friday was the start of our master bathroom remodel project … and what a difference one day makes!  Two carpenters showed up at about 8:30 in the morning and worked until about 3:00pm and got most everything (including the tile) removed.  Here are some before & after pictures:   Our best guess is that…

Ok, so I’ve been really bad about updating the blog over the past few months.  We brought a new baby girl home from the hospital in September and everything else has kind of taken a back seat since then.  So, yes, it’s been forever, but we figured better late than never! We left off last fall…

Last September, when the contractors finished up the work on our master bathroom, there were still some finishing touches left for us to complete.  All of the major work (replacing the fixtures, tile, vanity, countertop, faucets, etc.) was all done, but the room still needed paint.  Kind of odd, I know, but the place we…

Over the weekend, we thought it might be time to (finally) start tackling the last few remaining items on the checklist for the master bathroom remodel so we can (only 5 months later) mark the project complete and move on to something new.  Among other things, that list included updating the door hardware on the…

After our master bathroom was remodeled a couple of summers ago, we noticed a loud banging sound in the bathroom wall every time we flushed the toilet.  It was particularly noticeable when we flushed the toilet in the master bathroom, but we heard the same type of banging sound (just not quite as loud) when…