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Master Bedroom Facelift

We’ve finally decided it’s time to make some changes to our master bedroom.  I’ve never loved the room – it’s been on the “must renovate” list since we moved in 8 years ago, but it’s funny how you can just go blind to how bad something looks when you see it all the time.  Anyway, I’ve finally had enough and so has Chad – it’s time for some updates.

Our room is actually a pretty large space, although it’s laid out in a way that makes the furniture arrangement a little awkward.  The first room (where we have our bed) would have been a bedroom when the house was built and then the second area (with the couch, elliptical, and a bunch of other random furniture) was once a sleeping porch.  Around the corner to the right is a dressing area with a couple of closets.



As you can see from the pictures, the room is clean and functional, but that’s really where it ends.  It’s time to make some changes that will actually help the space to feel intentional … and pretty.  So, where do we start?

Well, right away, we agreed the carpet needed to go.  It’s stained and worn and green floral – enough said.

Next up were the lights – or rather, fans.  They were rusting, had warping fan blades, and made a loud buzzing sound when they were turned on.  They were past their prime and it was just time to move on.

We also thought it would make sense to give the closet / dressing area a bit of a refresh since it included an old built in vanity cabinet with a cultured marble top (but no sink) and medicine cabinet with lights – the whole thing just felt a little weird and dated.


A really old/bad picture of the closet area. Someday, I will learn to take proper “before” pictures!

And, reaching even farther into the archives, here's a picture of the closet area (wallpaper and all) from the day we moved in.

And, reaching even farther into the archives, here’s a picture of the closet area (wallpaper and all) from the day we moved in.

We think the previous owners probably got a lot of use out of this space, but we’ve never found it very functional.  A dresser in this location seemed like a better fit for the way we use the space.

And then there’s the paint.

A picture of the bedroom when the paint was new. Sherwin Williams Sand Dune.

A picture of the bedroom when the paint was new.

We actually painted this room this color (Sherwin Williams Sand Dune – SW6086) shortly after we moved in, but I’ve never loved it.  We have the same color in a couple of other rooms of our house and like it there, but, in person, it’s always had a weird pink/peach vibe in the bedroom that I just haven’t been able to get over.  We’ve also had a number of cases where we’ve had to touch up the paint and the left over paint we had wasn’t a good match, so the touch ups stand out like crazy.

Case in Point: Can you spot the touch ups around the thermostat?

Case in Point: Can you spot the touch ups from when we installed the Nest?

Anyway, I figured we might as well update the paint color at the same time as the rest of the work.

So, that’s our list – carpet, lights, built-in dresser, and paint.  I’ve put together a Pinterest board where I’ve been working through a bunch of ideas to settle on the things we think will work out best.  (You can follow along here.)  Of course, these updates will most certainly make our hodgepodge of furniture, lack of window treatments, and mismatched bedding look even more terrible, so I’m sure this first round of changes will lead to the need to actually decorate the room, too.  Regardless, though, I am excited to finally make some changes and (hopefully) have a bedroom that is actually pretty by the time we are done!

Last September, when the contractors finished up the work on our master bathroom, there were still some finishing touches left for us to complete.  All of the major work (replacing the fixtures, tile, vanity, countertop, faucets, etc.) was all done, but the room still needed paint.  Kind of odd, I know, but the place we hired to do the remodeling work was a local home improvement center that focuses on kitchens and baths … and not paint.  So, they had no painter on staff and told us up front they would do everything but any paint, wallpaper, stain, etc. that we wanted for final finishes.  We figured painting was a really small portion of the job, so we were ok with that.  The plan was actually for me to paint the bathroom myself … or at least that was the plan that I made when I was 4 months pregnant and painting still sounded like a reasonable activity.  By the time the remodeling work was done (only 9 days before Haley was born), I had different ideas.

So, the bathroom sat in a remodeled, but unpainted state from September until the beginning of January when I finally acknowledged that there was just no way I would find time to paint in the course of a normal day (especially when finding time for a daily shower is sometimes a challenge).  So, we finally picked a paint color and hired someone to apply it … easy peasy.  Anyway, just a refresher – here’s what the bathroom looked like for those 3 long months:


The walls were partially the old paint color (Sherwin Williams Sand Dune – SW6086) and partially covered in fresh plaster patches … with lots of mars and dings.  Same was true for the doors and the woodwork – everything just needed a fresh coat.

Picking a trim color was easy since we wanted the room to match the rest of the house, so we picked Sherwin Williams Modest White (SW6084).  For the walls, we figured we could use just about any color since we weren’t really trying to coordinate with anything.  I liked the idea of picking something a little darker to provide some contrast with the tile, and I really wasn’t all that crazy about anything in the same color family as the beige we started with.  Just looking at the room, my first thought was to pick a nice shade of blue, which I’m sure would have looked lovely … but we’ve recently painted our entry way and foyer a couple of different shades of blue and I thought it was probably a good idea to change it up a bit.  So, I dug out my (embarrassingly large) collection of paint samples and started picking some likely candidates.  After living with paint chips taped to the wall for a few weeks, Chad and I both had a favorite – and it was the same color!  So, we figured we might as well just go for it.  In the end, we picked Sherwin Williams Green Earth (SW7748).


The painters spent the better part of 3 days putting a fresh coat of paint on all of the trim, doors, window, medicine cabinet, walls, and linen closet, but by the time they left, the room actually looked like it had been remodeled … rather than looking like it was a construction project in progress … finally!


In the end, we love the color.  It’s just the right amount of contrast with the white tile without being too stark.  The trim color, too, turned out really well,  I like that it matches with the rest of the house, but I was initially concerned that it would be obviously not white against the rest of the whites in the room and might look dingy.  While it definitely does look creamier, I actually like the contrast.  I think it makes the room seem a little warmer and helps the trim stand out from everything else that’s going on in the room.  I’m so happy it worked out … I really hate painting trim, so I’m glad we don’t have to add updating the color to our list of things to do!


Besides the paint, you might also notice that we swapped out the light fixtures since the last set of pictures for something a little different.  That had been part of the plan all along – although we’d planned to install some light fixtures I ordered from Pottery Barn rather than the ones we wound up with … but that’s a story for another time.  Regardless, we’re really happy with the new look.


So, now you’re pretty much caught up – this is how the bathroom looks today, although we still have some finishing touches left before we’ll consider it complete.  We need to hang towel bars, swap out the door knobs and hinges for something that matches with the rest of the bathroom (rather than shiny gold!), seal the grout (probably several times!), and work on a little decorating.  With any luck, we’ll find some time to wrap up the last items on the “punch list” in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more updates!

Our house came with an old fashioned horse hitching post at the point of our circle (ok, maybe more like tear-drop shaped) driveway.  One of the previous owners was into horses and welding … hence the hitching post.

the horse hitching post ... hiding behind the bush

We never paid a whole lot of attention to the horse … mostly because it was hidden behind a bush and surrounded by other plants when we moved in.  When we put new landscaping in this spring, though, we asked the landscaper to include the area around the horse in his design.  With the new landscaping, the horse is much more of a focal point than it was before, which we like.

the horse with the shiny new landscaping

We’ve been noticing, though, that it’s a little rusted and not looking the finest … and now that it’s more of a focal point, we thought it would be a good time to fix that.  I’ve been waiting for the weather to cool down to an acceptable temperature before tackling the re-painting of the horse and decided that this morning would be good enough.  It was below 90 degrees, not raining, and below the humidity threshold for the spray paint … so I figured there was no point in continuing to wait for the perfect day.

wire brushing the horse

I started by taking a wire brush to the horse to knock off any loose paint or rust.  By the time it was done, I was covered in a fine layer of black dust, but the horse didn’t look too different.  I was kind of surprised by that, but I think the brush did it’s job since the painted surface is a lot smoother than I think it otherwise would have been.

all ready for paint!

the spray paint

After wire brushing the horse, I rinsed it off with a garden hose and then got a bucket of dish soap and water to remove any remaining residue before rinsing it again and leaving it sit in the sun to dry.  With the horse dry, I then applied a couple of light coats of Rust-olium Rust Reformer primer followed by a couple of light coats of flat black spray paint (as a top coat).

as good as new

I’m giving the horse a good 24 hours to make sure it’s completely dry before replacing the mulch at the base, but otherwise, this quick project is pretty much done.  For as quick, cheap, and easy as this fix was, I’m super excited about how it turned out.


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