Pool CoverWhen we moved in last fall, our swimming pool had already been closed for the season. All winter, the pool has been covered with the winter cover (that resembles a large tarp). The cover is weighted down with water bags. The bags work pretty well at keeping the cover in place, but starting shortly after we moved in, something has been ripping the them to shreds and dragging them down the hillside away from the pool. At first we thought some animal was trying to get to the water, but even when the pool (and water bags) were covered with snow this winter, something was Pool Cover 2digging them up and tearing the bags to shreds even though the water inside them was frozen. It’s been a complete mystery to us. The bags are pretty heavy, so it doesn’t seem like something that an animal the size of a raccoon could do, but it doesn’t seem like the work of a person. We’re also confused about why any animal would bother doing this.

Today, we spent some time out by the pool pumping some of the water off of the cover since the pool was getting pretty full and they’re Pool Cover 3predicting rain for the next couple of days. While we were out there, we replaced another 4 of the water bags that had been punctured and dragged off of the pool cover. Hopefully we’ll be able to get through the next month or so without the water bags getting destroyed. I’m definitely looking forward to opening the pool when it gets warm enough so we don’t have to deal with this any more. Maybe we’ll have to think about a different type of cover next fall – one that’s animal proof …

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