I’ve definitely not done as good of a job of keeping up with the blog posts as work finishes up on our entry way addition … when we first started the project to expand the entry way area, I had great plans to post updates on the blog every day and take tons of pictures, but that just hasn’t happened … so here’s an update of the progress in the last month or so.

Since my last post just before Christmas, the interior doors that were holding up so much of the progress have finally shown up, they’ve been installed, and the trim work has been finished.  All of this was completed a week or 10 days ago and the painters are now in staining the doors and putting the finishing touches on the walls & trim.

Here’s a photo of the new closet doors that took so long since they were custom made to match the existing doors in the house.  Although not exactly identical (the profile on the embossed panels is a little different and the solid part on the bottom is bigger than most of the other doors), I don’t think anyone will recognize them as not being an exact match to the original doors … especially after they’re stained to match.

Custom Coat Closet Doors

The super narrow door for the new pantry has also been installed.  I’m so excited to almost have a pantry and not have to keep all of our food in kitchen cabinets any more!

New Pantry Door

Here’s a photo of the new entry way with a couple of doors installed.  The french door leaning against the wall goes between the entry way and the hall to the kitchen.

The New French Door Before it was Installed

And here’s a photo of all of the trim yet to be cut and installed.  I was amazed at what a large pile of trim showed up for such a small room … yet all of it seemed to be needed.  For quite a while, though, the powder room was used for the trim pile.

A Powder Room Full of Trim Yet to be Installed

The electrician has also been back in the last few weeks to finish up the installation of the light fixtures both inside and out and to install the new doorbell.  We’re so happy with the way all of the fixtures look, but the sconce in the entry way is by far our favorite.  We  liked the way it turned out so well that we ordered a couple of the single light version to install in the connected powder room.

Wall Sconce

The outdoor light fixtures and the new doorbell have also been installed.  We’re pretty excited to finally have a doorbell – the house didn’t have any when we moved in … and the battery powered ones just didn’t seem to work consistently.  It’ll be nice to have a real wired one now.

Front Porch & Exterior Lights

New Doorbell Button

As we get closer to the completion of the project, it’s been really exciting to see the finish work come together.  I’m amazed by what a difference all of the trim work and paint and fixtures have made in helping the space to feel polished and finished.  We’re expecting only a day or so of work left on the inside to touch up the rest of the interior paint and (due to the weather) the painters will come back in the spring to finish the last coat of paint on the outside and to darken up the stain on the front door some.  I will plan to post more pictures of the finished space soon!

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