Here’s some pictures of today’s progress on the entry way addition & driveway project:

Foundation Walls for the Addition

Progress on the Forms for the New Circle Driveway

The View from the Kitchen Door

Breaking Out the Blacktop by the Garage

The Temporary Mailbox

A lot of progress has been made in the last couple of days on the foundation for the new addition.  Concrete footings were poured yesterday and cement block walls were added today.  There’s also been a lot of progress in breaking out the old driveway and locating the forms for the new one.  We were really concerned about the layout for the new driveway since the old one wasn’t an easy one to navigate in the car.  The new one is wider and doesn’t have curbs, which should help a lot … and the new turning radius looks a lot more natural than what we had before also.  It’s quite a mess right now, but we’re really excited for the improvement over what we had before!

Tomorrow should be a pretty eventful day.  The contractor will be here continuing work on the forms for the driveway and maybe doing some framing for the addition.  We’ll also have a tree service in to take down 3 large trees.  After a lot of debate, we finally decided that the two big oak trees in the center of the circle drive should come down.  They’re just too big and too close to the house and the new driveway … and one of them already has a big crack in it, so it’s probably just a matter of time before we’d need to take it down anyway.  We really hate to loose the oak trees, but they’re just not in a great spot and really not all that healthy.  So, they’re being taken down tomorrow.  We also decided it was time to cut down the large blue spruce in the back by the pool.  It was a much easier decision that this tree should go – it’s really not much to look at and it’s way too messy to be located so close to the pool.  So, things should look totally different by the end of the day tomorrow!

The 2 Oak Trees Near the House that will be Cut Down Tomorrow

The Pine Tree By the Pool

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