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It’s taken almost 4 years, but we’re finally rid of the teal wallpaper on the main floor of our house!  The last hold-out was the floral border in the foyer, which Phil, the painter, removed for us a couple of weeks ago before patching and repainting the walls in a fresh shade of blue.

As a reminder, here are a couple photos of the foyer from when we moved in:

The downstairs foyer & stairs to the 2nd floor.


The upstairs hall


The stairs & landing.


And here are the “After” pictures, with the wallpaper down, the walls patched, and the new color up:

Downstairs Foyer Area

Looking into the Living Room

Looking into the Dining Room


Upstairs Hall

Landing Area

For the new paint color, we picked a blue-gray shade by Sherwin Williams called Krypton (SW6247).  We decided on this color after painting the new entry way area a slightly more intense shade of blue called Aleutian.  We really liked that color, but wanted a lighter coordinating shade for the foyer and upstairs hall.  Krypton fits the bill – the lighter color doesn’t overpower the foyer area and the gray tones make it feel more muted and less like a “baby blue” that would be more appropriate for a nursery than main living space.

We’re still on the hunt for a new chandelier and some pictures to hang on the walls … but even without those finishing touches, we are really enjoying the new color and how much the change has caused the whole main floor to feel more updated.  I think we didn’t realize how much the wallpaper border was making the whole house feel dated until it came down!

Painting the Foyer

It’s been about 3 1/2 years since we moved in to our house and today the last of the flowered teal wallpaper came down!

When we moved in, there was teal wallpaper (with small flowers) in the sun room, teal wallpaper (with large flowers) in the dining room, and a flowered teal wallpaper border in the dining room.  It’s taken us a while to get there, but with the entry way project wrapping up and the rest of the wallpaper on the main floor already gone, the border in the entryway was starting to really look outdated, so we decided it was time to take it down and re-paint the foyer a fresh color.

As usual, I forgot to take pictures before the work started, but here are a few from the day we moved in … it looked about the same up until today:

The downstairs foyer & stairs to the 2nd floor.

The stairs & landing.

The upstairs hall

Because the ceiling is so high over the stairs & landing, it was more than I wanted to attempt to do on my own, so we decided to hire Phil (the same guy we had paint the family room and our bedroom a couple of years ago) to paint the foyer.  We were happy with the work he did for us before and, luckily, he was able to start this week.

So, today was the Phil’s first work day on the project.  We knew that it’s a little hard to expect how a wallpaper removal project will go, but the matching teal wallpaper in the sun room & dining room came down very easily leaving only a very small amount of glue behind, so we expected no issues with the wallpaper removal in the foyer.  What we didn’t expect was that the wallpaper would take the paint with it when it came off, which is exactly what happened.

The previous owners had mentioned when we bought the house that they had had the foyer and a couple of other rooms skim coated to repair some damage to the plaster … and it seems that no primer was used on the freshly plastered walls before they were painted.  The result is that the paint never really adhered to the wall, so it came right off with the wallpaper and started flaking off up the rest of the wall.

So, Phil is working now to repair the situation with the paint.  His plan is to flake off the loosest of the paint, prime the area where the paint has come off, apply joint compound and sand to smooth out the wall, then re-prime & paint the final color.  At the end of the day today, Phil had removed the wallpaper and applied the first coat of primer & joint compound.  Here are a few pictures:

Patching the Wall in the Stairway

Upstairs Hallway.

Stairs & Landing

I know that things usually look worse before they look better with home improvement projects, but it was a bit of a shock to us how much of a problem the lack of primer turned into for this project.  We’re hoping with all of the work Phil is doing to try to correct the situation now, the walls will come out looking smooth so that it won’t be noticeable.

Once all of the prep work is done (probably in another day or so), we’ve picked Sherwin Williams SW6247 as the new wall color.  It’s the color to the right of the door in the picture below:

New Paint Color

Even though it’s no where close to being done now, though, I’m amazed at the difference it’s made to have the wallpaper border & teal curtains down.  The ceilings seem so much higher and the room seems a lot more open.  I’m really excited to see the new color up on the walls!

We took the wallpaper down in the dining room over the weekend and now I’m trying to pick a paint color for the walls.  I’m really struggling with it because the colors look so different on the walls than they do on little paint samples.  We think we’d like to paint the room gray, but I’m having trouble picking the right shade.

Here’s a few of the colors we’re thinking about:

Paint Samples for the Dining Room

Paint Samples for the Dining Room

The one on the far left is Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray (SW0077).  It’s about as true of a gray as you can get with virtually no undertones of any other color in it, but I’m afraid it’s kind of dark and might be too stark against all of the other colors in our house, which are various shades of beige and brown.  The color in the middle is Sherwin Williams Mega Greige (SW7031).  It has a lot more brown in it, which I think will make it blend better with the rest of our house, but I’m afraid that the color would read brown instead of gray once it’s painted on all of the walls.  The color on the right is Sherwin Williams Pavestone (SW7642), which has slightly more gray in it than the Mega Greige sample, but I can’t decide if it also looks sort of blueish.

Our plan right now is to put picture moldings on the bottom half of the wall and paint everything below the chair rail the same color that the trim is in this picture.  We’re also thinking about extending the paneling that’s on the front of the window seat around the window and up to the crown molding.  If we do that, we’ll probably also paint that the trim color.  Whatever we pick for above the chair rail we’d probably do in a low sheen finish so it wouldn’t have the reflection the paint samples have now, but that will probably make it feel like it absorbs more of the light in the room too.

Window Seat in Dining Room

Window Seat in Dining Room

Any thoughts on which of these samples would be the best choice?  Or are there other shades of gray that might be better?

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