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Starting yesterday afternoon, we had the first snowfall of the year, with about 3″ of accumulation.  It looks like a winter wonderland outside! Chad also used this as his opportunity to try out the new snow blower for our lawn tractor, which worked out pretty well.  We think we’re really going to like not having…

Snow Blower Skid Shoes

One of the main reasons we bought a snow blower this year was to avoid marking up our new driveway.  Chad was also worried about the steel skids on the blower scratching the drive.  To further reduce the risk he bought a pair of these shoes online.  The site listed the material as Robalon which…

New Snow Blower

John Deere 47" Quick Hitch Snow Blower

We haven’t set it up yet, but today Chad and I picked up a snow blower for our garden tractor.  Chad is planning to set it up and complete the installation later this weekend.  I will post more pictures once it’s done.