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Deer in Our Backyard!

So, it’s not all that unusual to see deer in town … and it’s not completely unlikely to find them in your own yard, but over the last few days, we discovered that we have what appears to be a family of deer living in our neighborhood and they’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out in our back yard.

Here’s a photo of the first time we saw them … they were bedded down in the ravine area to the side of our house:

Deere Photo 1

We saw them again the following night, sleeping in our back yard. The photo didn’t turn out very good, but here it is:

Deere Photo 2

And the following day, we came home from work to find them snacking right outside our living room windows:

Deere Photo 3

I’m sure it’ll be annoying in the spring when all of our plants are getting eaten, but right now, we think it’s pretty cool to be sharing our yard with so many of them.

Moved In and Unpacked

All Unpacked!
Last weekend’s house warming provided motivation for us to get everything all unpacked. Here are some photos of the house now that we aren’t living out of boxes anymore. Not too bad for having moved in only three weeks ago, huh?

We’ve Finally Moved In!

After an almost 2 week absence from blogging, we’re happy to report that we’ve successfully made the move to our new home! It turned out to be a full two days of work and we’re still living out of boxes.

I’ll post more details later, but here are some photos of moving day :

Moving Out of Our Old House

Moving Into the Living Room

The sunroom on moving day.

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