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What We’ve Been Up To

Wow – I was thinking it had been a while since I’d posted anything to the blog and it was probably time for an update, but I had no idea it’s been almost a year.  Crazy.  I guess time just got away from me.  Anywho, needless to say, I’m way past due in sharing what we’ve been up to, so here’s a quick look at some of the projects we’ve worked on over the last year.


1) Refinishing Hardwood Floors

This one makes the top of the list based solely on the impact it’s had to the main floor of our house.  We had the original hardwood floors refinished in the dining room and foyer (replacing some pretty worn carpet).  In hind sight, this turned out to be one of the more disruptive projects we’ve done since living in this house, but now that all of the inconvenience is behind us, I can safely say it was totally worth it!









2) Grown Up Curtains

We have curtains – real, grown up window treatments – in the dining room and living room!  This is something we’ve talked about since we started redecorating the main floor, but I was a non-believer.  Custom curtains aren’t cheap and I (apparently) am.  But, after 6 years of living with teal fabrics that no longer matched anything else on the main floor, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and update them.  We figure old ones lasted 20 years, which is a pretty good run for curtains … and the new ones have made a world of difference.  Needless to say, I’m now a believer in “the power” of curtains.

 The “before” pictures:





And, the “after” photos:






3) The Basement

We’ve started working in the basement … sealing it up, cleaning it out, and generally making it nice, bright, and less buggy.  So far, we’ve had new windows installed, sprayed foam insulation around the rim joists, and rearranged all of the stuff down there about 5 times to get better access to the couple of rooms we’re starting in.

photo 1

photo 2


4) New Porch Door!

We have a real door on the side porch now!  Since we moved in, it’s always been a screen door, which really wasn’t a great solution.  The door would get caught in the wind and blow open, it didn’t seal well at all, and generally felt like a “duct tape and chicken wire” solution.  So, we decided it was time to do something more permanent and went with a fiberglass 3/4 glass door that swings into the porch (to avoid the wind issue).  We’ve had it through the winter and have LOVED how much tighter the porch is now that we have a real door.

The old storm door:


And the new door:






5) No More Window Air Conditioners!

It might sound silly, but this was huge!  We had a couple of window air conditioners mounted in the wall – one was in our bedroom and one was in the sunroom.  They were probably a really great feature when those rooms were converted porches to living space long before the house had central air conditioning, but we’d never used them.  As far as we were concerned, they were loud (we could hear everything outside like it was happening in our bedroom), they were no where near air (or bug) tight, and they didn’t look very pretty.  Once they were gone (and the walls patched), we realized we’d lived with them entirely too long.  They are gone, but definitely not missed!

The master bedroom:

In the Master Bedroom


And the sunroom:

In the Sunroom / Family Room



6) New Liner for tbe Pool

This wasn’t exactly a planned upgrade, but we found our pool empty and the liner collapsed when we went to open it last spring, so a new liner it was.  We knew the liner was getting up there in age, so it as really just a matter of time.  Hopefully this means we’ll have some uninterrupted seasons of pool use ahead of us – these pictures make me so excited for warmer weather!  I can’t wait to go swimming with Haley this year – I think she will have so much fun with it!







Anyway, many apologies for the lengthy absence.  I think this brings the blog (roughly) up to date … more to come (hopefully without a year passing in the meantime)!

Paint, Lights, & Tile!

Even with the short week last week, there have been a lot of changes in the new entry way space recently, so I figured it was time to post some more pictures!

Early last week, the painters finished applying the primer and first finish coat of plant on all of the interior walls.  In the bathroom, they painted the walls & wainscoting where the second door and window had been closed up so that they matched the paint colors that were in the bathroom before (SW Techno Gray on the top half of the wall; SW Modest White on the wainscoting).  The room is a little small, so it’s hard to get a good picture of the fresh paint, but here’s an attempt:

Powder Room Paint

The entry way also got the first coat of the finish color (which turned out to be more different from the tinted primer than we expected) – the color we picked (SW Aleutian Blue) actually has more of a gray hint than the primer initially lead us to believe.  The color is more vibrant than just about anything else we have in the house (I usually stick to various shades of beige or brown), but it’s really growing on me.  I think it’s going to contrast nicely with all the white trim.

Entry Way Paint Color

In the hallway to the basement / kitchen, I picked a tan color called Basket Beige.  The idea was that we would repaint the kitchen over the winter to be the same color, but after seeing it in the hallway, we’re not sure if it’s the right choice for the kitchen.  It’s hard to really see the color in this picture, but it has a definite greeny-gold tint that we’re not big fans of … it always surprises me how different colors look on the wall than they do on the paint samples!

Hallway Paint Color

Also last week, the electrician came back and installed the outlets, light switches, and light fixtures inside and out.  In the entry way area, they installed 3 can lights in the ceiling, but we’re were still waiting on the wall sconce to arrive, so it will have to be installed sometime later.  The sconce above the pantry door was installed, though, and we’re happy with how it looks and how much light it gives off.  Outside, three more can lights were installed in the porch ceiling along with two lights on either side of the front door.  This is the first time we’ve really had a decent amount of lighting outside and we’re liking the difference it makes.

Outside Lights

The tile that we picked out what seems like an eternity ago is also being installed this week.  The installer stopped by today and laid the Hardiebacker board on the areas where we wouldn’t be going over old tile.  They also dropped off the boxes of tile which should start going down tomorrow.  I had really started to doubt our tile selection over the last couple of weeks, but seeing it in full sheets today when I got home from work, I’m reassured that it’ll look perfect in the entry way.

The Hardiebacker Board

The New Floor Tile

After several iterations of the layout for the new tile, we finally landed on the one in the picture below, where the field tile is the gray color and there are a couple of border stripes in the white color.  The area in the upper left corner is the pattern for the bathroom  & the “L” shaped area is for the entry way.  The address numbers will be centered in front of the door.  I’m so anxious to see what it will look like.

Tile Border Design

When the installers removed the old Pergo “tile” floor in the powder room today, they also exposed what we think is probably the original tile in that room.  We were pretty surprised that it looked to be in such decent shape and can’t really imagine why it would have been covered up with the Pergo floor to start with.  We’re at least encouraged that the unglazed 1″ x 1″ tile we picked for the entry way seems to be consistent with what was used in the house when it was built.

Original Tile in the Bathroom

Needless to say, there should be a lot of changes this week as the floor gets installed and (hopefully) some work starts on interior doors & trim. We’re so excited to see it all coming together!

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