Buying Our House

After a weekend spent packing everything we think we can live without for the next week (and a few things we probably can’t quite), the packing situation is starting to look a lot better. We still aren’t completely done, but we’ve got another week to get there.

Here’s some pictures of this weekends progress. It’s finally starting to look like we might be ready in time for next weekend’s move!

Packing Progress Update

We heard back from our real estate agent this afternoon with some really good news: our buyer has reviewed both appraisals (the one that came in low and the one that came in high) and he’s decided to move forward with his original offer on our house! Even though it delayed everything by another week, the second appraisal was definitely worthwhile. We’re really happy with the outcome and so excited to be able to move forward with our packing and moving arrangements.

We are also starting to get really excited about our new house (something we’d nearly lost sight of with everything that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks). Here are a few new pictures we got as part of our appraisal report. Only 10 days to go!

Appraisal Photos

A Happy Day for Appraisals

Today we got back the results of the appraisals on both our current home and the home we’re moving to. Our new house was appraised for exactly the same value we agreed to purchase it for. Normally, this wouldn’t be anything we’d be particularly surprised or excited about, but given the issues we’ve had with the appraisal on our current home, we were pretty happy to hear that there won’t be any further negotiation required on the home we’re purchasing. What a huge feeling of relief that was! Now we just have to sit back and wait for the closing.

The second bit of good news we got today came in the form of the appraisal results on our current house. It was actually the second appraisal of our house; the first took place last week and reported that our house was valued at less than what we’d agreed to sell it for. We just couldn’t believe that the appraisal was accurate, so we asked for a second opinion, which we got today. And I’m so glad we did. Today’s appraisal came out just over the amount we agreed to sell it for. Yay! We still aren’t quite out of the woods on this one, though – we still need to renegotiate the sales price with the buyer (taking into account the results of both appraisals) and we’re not sure how that’s going to turn out. Regardless, though, the positive outcome of the second appraisal should work in our favor. Hopefully we’ll be able to get all of the remaining details of the sale ironed out in the next day or so …

So now, the only thing remaining is to pack and actually move … who knew we’d reach the point where that would seem like the easy part of the whole house buying, house selling, and moving adventure!

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