Haley’s birthday was earlier this month – she turned 7 this year. I’m not sure where the time has gone!

We had a low key family party at our house to celebrate. She picked a Lego Friends theme this year. We kept it super simple (definitely not a Pinterest-worthy event), but I wanted to share this really fun and easy banner that we made using my Cricut.

We had seen something similar for sale (in primary colors) when searching for party ideas online – and since Legos are all circles and rectangles, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to make our own with the pastel Lego Friends colors.

Note: I used my Cricut Explore to cut out all of the shapes for this banner – although I don’t think that’s a requirement. It would be pretty easy to do with just a pair of scissors also!

I used Cricut Design Space to make the bricks (1 rectangle & 6 circles each) and then added a couple of small holes in the top corners of each to use for threading the twine. The font we used was a standard one from the Cricut library.

We did decide to add some Lego Friends logos & pictures of the girls once we had the bricks all ready to go. I just did a Google Images search for the pictures and used the “Print Then Cut” feature to cut them in a circle. I did purchase the pre-designed scalloped blue shape behind the logos to save some time (although it probably wouldn’t be too hard to create in Design Space if I had wanted to).

Once everything was cut, we stuck it together with little foam spacers and strung all of the letters on twine.

It was a little more time consuming to make than I anticipated, but we had fun with it and it was an easy, colorful addition for Haley’s party that she was super excited about – so, we consider that a win! :)

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