Exterior Painting Progress

It’s been a good 3 weeks since our house dried out from being pressure washed and the painters were able to start prepping and painting.  We’re finally starting to see what the paint colors look like on the house, so I figured it would be a good time to share an update.

As a quick refresher, here’s what the house looked like post-pressure washing:

The front of the house.

The front of the house.

Work actually started on the east side of the house (the right side on the picture above).  The plan is for the painters to do one side of the house from beginning to end and then move on to the next side.  So, they’re starting on the east side and then will work their way around back and do the front last.

The east side of the house, after pressure washing.

The east side of the house, after pressure washing.

The painters started with the prep work a few of weeks back.  They scraped off all of the loose paint, took down a crazy amount of telephone and coax wires that previously snaked around this side of the house, repaired a few spots with epoxy where the wood was starting to get a little soft, and generally cleaned everything up.

Then, they put plastic over the windows and sprayed on a coat of primer, followed by trim paint.  The main body color was then brushed on the lap siding before this picture (courtesy of the painters) was taken.


One of the things we’ve really been struggling with because they chose to start on this side of the house (which is so different than the rest of the building) is placement of the paint colors (i.e., what should be body color vs. what should be trim color).  Initially, the painter suggested that we paint most of the lower level the darker trim color and use the lighter body color only on the lap siding that covers the body on most of the house (see photo above)… and, technically, this isn’t wrong – most of what’s on that side of the house is trim.

We thought this felt really heavy, though, and didn’t love how it created such large areas of the darker trim color on an otherwise lightly colored house.  So, earlier this week, we asked if they would re-paint the columns with the body color instead to help break it up some, and it’s starting to look much better.


We’re still feeling like the area above the columns feels a little heavy and might need to be broken up with a little more of the body color paint … maybe the square caps at the top and bottom of each column should be the body color, too?  I’m not completely sure if that would look good or make things too stripey.

Anyway, we’re still working through some of the finishing touches on that side of the house, but the painting is mostly done and work is starting on the back of the house at the same time.  Most of the prep work and priming in the back is done and the trim paint was sprayed on yesterday.  I’m loving that we’re (finally) getting a good feel for what the new paint job will look like.

The back of the house - after painting the trim.

The back of the house – after painting the trim.

The body color will go up next and then we’ll work through all of the details of the color placement for the columns, railing, etc. around the back door.  I am so super excited to see how it will look!

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2 thoughts on “Exterior Painting Progress

  1. Gillian says:

    I really like the contrast between the light and dark colours you picked – Good call on painting the columns lighter. I think you could get away with doing the square caps light too as they are technically “part” of the columns. I don’t think it would look too stripey at all!

    Keep posting pics of the paint progress!

    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks for the input! I never thought it would be so hard to decide on color placement – especially when there are only 2 colors to pick from! Sadly, there hasn’t been much progress this week – only 1 work day. Ug. But I promise to post more photos as soon as there’s something new to post photos of! :)

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