It’s been a couple of weeks since we installed the new room darkening shades in Haley’s nursery to replace her old wooden mini blinds (which required that the windows also be covered in foil to make the room acceptably dark for napping) … and I’m now realizing that we lived with the foil on the windows for entirely too long.  The new binds are awesome!

Just a reminder, here’s where we started.  Attractive, I know.

As always, installation of shades seems like such a simple task, but was more frustrating than it should be and took about twice as long as we expected.  This had a lot to do with the fact that we ordered the new shades to be inside mounted and the pretty window trim in our old house isn’t perfectly square.  Go figure.  Anyway, no pictures of that, but imagine a lot of tedious adjustments and head scratching … and the shades going up and coming down at least 3 times each before we called it good.

Once all that was worked out, though, I decided that all of (Chad’s) installation-related frustration was totally worth it.  Here are the “After” pictures with the new shades installed:


We picked the Levolor Accordia room darkening cellular shades in lavender (from the “Designer Textures” palette) and we chose the cordless option since they were being installed in a nursery.

The lavender color turned out to be fun and youthful, but more subdued than it might have been, which we think will be a good thing.  It coordinates well with the decals on her wall, her lamp, and the canvas bins on her shelves (although the color isn’t quite as saturated as any of those items), but it’s not so overpowering that the shades will scream purple if we re-do Haley’s room with a slightly different color palette when she gets older.  We’re hoping they should grow with her and be able to stay constant in the room as it evolves.

The cordless option on the shades is really good from a safety perspective and we’re getting used to it otherwise.  I’m not sure if it’s an option I would select again if we were ordering shades for a room where the presence of a cord wasn’t a problem  For one thing, the shades are loud!  It’s not really a problem, just something you don’t necessarily expect from window treatments.  Also, because our windows are so wide, it’s hard to keep the shade straight while raising and lowering it.  Again, not really a problem and it’s easy to adjust them, but it bugs me.  If I don’t pay attention to it, the shades wind up looking like this every time.

We also noticed that lowering the shades is a little more difficult when there’s furniture in front of the window.  We have an old cabinet sitting in front of one of Haley’s windows for her baby monitors (yes, we have two … but that’s another story).  Since the cabinet is a little higher than the window sill, we have to reach behind it to push the shade down every time we close it.  Again, not a major issue, but kind of annoying and something we didn’t think about before ordering the shades.  Might be time to think about a new location for the baby monitors … but, for now, we’re working with it.

Anyway, the new blinds are great overall.  They make the room almost as dark as the foil-covered and Haley doesn’t seem to mind the difference.  The even better part, though, is how bright the room is when the shades are open.  We never actually raised the old mini blinds (just twisted them open) and I never realized how much light they were blocking even when they were open.  I absolutely love how sunny and bright her room is now that we actually make a habit of raising the shades!  The only bad part is that it has become completely obvious how badly the windows need to be cleaned.  I’m ignoring that point.


So, bottom line – shades are up and we love them.  One step closer to a finished nursery for Haley!  Up next:  wall art … assuming, of course, that I can actually make a decision and commit to something …

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