Over the weekend, we thought it might be time to (finally) start tackling the last few remaining items on the checklist for the master bathroom remodel so we can (only 5 months later) mark the project complete and move on to something new.  Among other things, that list included updating the door hardware on the door to the bathroom and the door to the linen closet.

When we started the project, the hinges and doorknobs on both doors were shiny gold (a-la-1980-something):


This obviously isn’t the original hardware on either door and we’re definitely not in love with it (not to mention that it really stands out now that the rest of the bathroom has been updated).  So, it’s clearly time for an update.  The great door knob dilemma, though, is what to update them to – do we try to match what’s in the rest of the house?  Or do we pick what we think would look best in the bathroom regardless of how well it matches (or doesn’t match) with anything else in the house?

If our goal is to match the existing hardware elsewhere in the house, we have a number of options to choose from:

  1. solid brass knobs (on the main floor)
  2. crystal knobs with brass (on the second floor)
  3. crystal knob with chrome (only on the kitchen closet door – probably not original?)
  4. oil rubbed bronze (newer/replacement knobs used throughout the house)


On top of that, we’re not sure if it’s right to match door hardware with the rest of the house or with the finishes in the bathroom itself.  The faucets and other hardware in the bathroom is all chrome, so we’re not sure if it would look out of place to pick door knobs that match something in the rest of the house, but not the finishes in the bathroom?

Just for kicks, we tried a modern oil rubbed bronze knob from Lowe’s (that we had left over from another project) on the linen closet door.  Here’s what that looks like:


So, you see we have a dilemma – what type of door knobs are right for the newly remodeled bathroom?  We both agree that shiny gold isn’t right, but we’re not sure what to replace it with or what/if we should try to match.

I tried Googling the topic over the weekend and found a pretty good thread discussing the various options over on Garden Web, but even after reading through the whole thing, it seems to come down to what seems right to you and there’s no standard approach.


Anyway, here are the options we’re considering:

1) Use the knobs from Lowe’s that most closely matches with any of the finishes in the house and move on.  This is by far the most economical solution and would probably be a standard oil rubbed bronze knob similar to the one we’ve got temporarily installed on the linen closet door now:

2) Pick a knob that has more historical styling, but stick with the oil rubbed bronze finish.  In this case, we could pick the same door knobs we used when we completed the entry way addition a few years back.  They’re from House of Antique Hardware and they’re aging nicely – eventually they might look similar to some of the existing brass hardware, I’m not sure:

3) Match the majority of the door knobs on the second floor (including the ones for all of the bedrooms and bedroom closets), which are brass with crystal handles:

This would probably equate to ordering something like this from House of Antique Hardware:

4) Stick with something more historical, but match the finishes in the bathroom (i.e., chrome with a crystal handle).  We’d probably pick the same knob as option #3 from House of Antique Hardware, just in a chrome finish:


So, what do you think?  Our initial thought was to go with option #1 and just pick something functional from Lowe’s, but after seeing the knob on the linen closet door, I’m not sure.  Now, I’m wondering if I might prefer the chrome finish in option #4.  Ugh.

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