I’m so excited – I got the shipping notification today that the room darkening shades for Haley’s nursery should be here by the end of the week … which means we should be able to say goodbye to the foil (yes, foil) that’s been gracing her windows for the past month or so.  And I can’t wait!

Her room actually does have blinds already and they’re actually pretty attractive custom wood mini-blinds.  I’m not sure if it’s what we would have picked, but they were there when we bought the house and they worked fine with the rest of her nursery.  While she was a really little baby who could sleep through anything, they worked fine for her, too.


Now that she’s a bit older, though, she’s awake a lot more (which I really enjoy), but naps are also becoming a little tricker.  She no longer sleeps when she needs to regardless of where she is or what else is going on in the room.  Now, things like a crazy dark room and lots of white noise are a big help for successful napping.  And her mini blinds (while pretty) didn’t do such a great job of blocking out the light.  In fact, the window on the west side of the room lit up so pretty in the afternoon, that even with the shade shut, she would just stare at it rather than fall asleep for her nap.  It was fine with her, but not so much with me.

So, to test out the idea that room darkening shades might help with her sleeping, I lined the windows with aluminum foil.  It looks really ghetto and I absolutely hate that there’s no sunlight in her room ever (we spend almost no time in there now), but having the room nice and dark for naps seems to be helping (at least a little – and I’ll take what I can get).


While it’s kind of sad to replace perfectly good (and probably pretty expensive) wood blinds with something different, we decided that she would probably always sleep better in a dark room (we do), so it was worth the investment to install some room darkening shades which (unlike the foil) could be opened to let some sun in when she’s not sleeping.

Since extra time isn’t something that I have a lot of these days, I decided to make things easy and order the same kind of room darkening shades (Levolor Accordia) that we have in our master bedroom – just in a more kid friendly color.  I started by picking out a few likely candidates from both the “Designer Textures” and “Designer Colors” palettes and ordering some free samples so that we could pick something that would coordinate with her room and hopefully continue to work for her as her nursery grows into a big girl room.


In the end, we decided on Lavender from the “Designer Textures” collection.  The samples turned out to be a bit difficult to photograph, but here’s a photo from the Levolor website:


We landed on this color pretty quickly.  After seeing the samples for the “Designer Colors” collection, we realized that the way they were lined to become room darkening made the shades a little shiny, which we weren’t sure we liked, so we eliminated all of those options right away.  From the “Designer Textures” collection, which looks more like fabric, we liked the “Lavender” color and also “Fresh Green”, which would have been a really close match to the curtains in her room, but we were concerned that it might be too much green.  The “Petal” color was a pretty shade of pale pink, but didn’t look right in her room since the pinks we’ve used in there are much darker and the more neutral options seemed awfully bland for a kids room.  I think the “Lavender” color will be nice also since it will add another girly element to the room (which is starting out pretty gender-neutral since we didn’t find out whether Haley was a girl or a boy before she was born).

I ordered the shades a week or so ago from BlindsGalore.com.  I’ve ordered some shades from them before for our previous house and it turns out they were running the best promotions (33% off plus an additional 15% off and a free cordless upgrade) again as of a week or so ago, so I placed the order with them again.  I still can’t figure out, though, how it can be that just about everyone runs huge sales on blinds all the time and they’re still so pricy!  Window treatments in general are so outrageously expensive – it just baffles me!

Anyway, I’m counting the days until I can rip that foil off her windows and replace them with some pretty, girly blinds … and then finally take (and post!) some pictures of her nursery in the daylight!

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