When I posted last week about all of the raccoons that have been invading our yard, I’m sure you thought “oh, what’s one or two little raccoons.”   Yeah … right.

This was the view outside our patio doors tonight … the picture isn’t too good (I wasn’t quite fast enough), but there are five.  FIVE raccoons … all enjoying our mulch and sod.

We’re really going to have to work on a raccoon-relocation program …

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2 thoughts on “You thought we were joking about the raccoons …

  1. Jan says:

    They look healthy.

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha… yes, they do … well-fed, too!

    Hard to tell from the picture – three of these weren’t fully grown yet (teenagers) … but they’re bigger than the one we found on the sidewalk last week. Seems like we have a multi-generational raccoon population … Ug.

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