New Kitchen Curtains

I went shopping with my mom a couple of weeks ago and we found some really cute curtains that (after much discussion) we decided would be perfect for my kitchen. Remembering from last time, though, how frustrating the curtains / curtain rod / shade setup in the kitchen is and how much patience is needed before digging into that project, I brought the new curtains home, laid them in the dining room, and didn’t touch them for a couple of weeks.

Last weekend, though, when it started raining right in the middle of our yard work and we were forced back inside, I decided it would be a good time to tackle the project of hanging the new curtains … and I was promptly reminded of all of the reasons why I had chosen to delay that task in the first place (i.e., too long, unmanageable curtain rod, brackets the rod must go through instead of hooks, set screws that scratch the finish of the rod if you’re not careful … argh.)  So, it took a couple of hours (and a lot of up-and-down on a step stool), but the curtains are finally up.

At the same time, I decided to remove the clip-on liners that I bought for the roman shades when I was concerned that the weave wouldn’t be dense enough to provide any privacy in the kitchen. As it turned out, the weave was plenty tight when the shades came in (so the liner probably wasn’t really necessary) and I kept having trouble with the white fabric bunching up weird and hanging below the rest of the shade when it was pulled all the way up. Anyway, I decided it was time to stop fighting with the liners and just get rid of them – so glad I did!

Here’s a picture of the finished product:

The Kitchen Windows (+ new curtains, - old privacy liners)

At first it was bothering me that the new valances were short enough that the shades show even when they’re pulled up all of the way, but I got over that pretty quickly and I’m now I’m really liking the extra color in comparison to the old yellowy-green striped ones.  Just as a reminder – here’s an old picture of the curtains we had before:

The Old Curtains

I love how something as simple (and relatively inexpensive) as curtains can make a room feel so different.  It makes me think maybe it’s time to step up the project to replace the old teal window treatments in the living room that we inherited when we bought the house.  I’ve been putting off dealing with them, but I’m sure that something fresh in there would make a big difference too!  Guess I’d better start looking for some inspiration for what we might like there instead …

Teal Living Room Curtains

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