A few weeks ago, we decided to try making better use of the back entry way … it’s a nice enough area, but we never use it and always go outside through the side door by the kitchen instead, which makes no sense considering that the pool is straight out the back door.

So, we started by ordering an apothecary chest through JCPenney that we could use for keeping pool-relevant items (test kits, etc.) closer to the pool.  So far, so good … it’s working out fine.

Linden Street Cherry Road Apothecary Chest

After seeing what a difference it made to actually have furniture in that space (it’s the whole thing about more stuff making an area seem bigger and more usable, which always seems counter-intuitive to me), I ordered a new rug that would cover most of the tile to capture dirt and leaves before they get tracked all over and keep the tile floor from being slippery if we happen to still be slightly damp from the pool.

The New Rug by the Apothecary Chest

The new rug is 3-5′, which we really like in comparison to the smaller 2×3′ one that we had before.  This one feels like it’s the right size for the space.  The colors worked perfectly for us, too … it matches the blue paint in the foyer really nicely (although I managed to not get any pictures that show that).  We also really like the texture of the rug.  We’ve had it now for a couple of weeks and it’s holding up great so far.  The reviews online weren’t so great … I’m so glad we didn’t listen to them!

In addition to the new rug, I also ordered a new Peterboro basket to leave by the door filled with beach towels.  We’d been keeping all of the towels for the pool upstairs in the linen closet, but decided there wasn’t really much sense in that – they take up so much room in the closet and we never use them up there … hence the new basket.

Peterboro House Holder Basket ... for Beach Towels

New Basket, New Rug

Although I guess the colors of the towels don’t do much for our interior decorating, they are really accessible by the back door, which was the goal after all.  The basket just showed up a couple of days ago so we haven’t had much of a chance to comment on the usefulness of the new location for the towels.  I can’t help but think, though, that this is going to be much better than having to run back upstairs because we forgot the towels … which always seems to happen.

As much as the new additions to the back entry way are a definite improvement over where we started, I can’t help but feel like something’s still missing.  We’ve been thinking about replacing the flower arrangement on the apothecary chest with a lamp on a timer (since this part of the house is so dark after the sun goes down and we’ve discovered how nice it is to have “night-light” lamps on for a few hours every night between the time it gets dark and when we go to bed).  I actually did buy a new lamp with the thought of putting it in the back entry way, but liked it better for the living room when it came, so we’re still minus a lamp.

The lamp for the back entry ... that never made it past the living room.

Aside from the lamp vs. flower arrangement issue, I’m also feeling like the entry way is now suffering from the same problem the rest of the house has with regards to lack of wall-hangings.  Everything in the space is in the lower half of it, which never feels quite right.  I just have real trouble picking out artwork … it always seems like I should be in love with the piece for it to warrant a hole in the wall and I guess I just don’t love that many wall hangings.  Not that this does anything to help the problem of bare walls.  I’m thinking maybe this is a case where I need a new approach (since the old one clearly isn’t working).  Walls are easy to patch if I change my mind, right?

So, some progress on decorating the back entry way in the last week or two, but definitely still a work in progress.  Any thoughts on what might be good in addition to (or in place of) what we’ve already got?

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