A couple of weeks ago, we decided it was time to make some changes to the back entry way so that we would be more likely to use the back door for trips to the pool, etc.  We always seem to ignore the fact that we have a back door and use the side porch by the kitchen instead.  This is probably mostly because all of our shoes and everything else related to the pool is kept on the side porch, so it doesn’t really make much sense to drag it through the house just to go out the back door.  At the same time, though, this means a lot of “stuff” piles up on the side porch and we never take advantage of the back door, which would be more private when we’re going out to swim.

So, we started by ordering the Linden Street Cherry Road Apothecary Chest from JCPenney with the thought that we could use this for storing test kits, towels, and other odds & ends related to the pool.  It was delivered to the store last week, we brought it home, put it in the back entry way, and now the only problem is that it almost looks too nice to use!  Here’s a picture:

Linden Street Cherry Road Apothecary Chest

The top “row” of drawers are actually 3 smaller, felt-lined drawers (that are perfect for test kits!) and the bottom two are full width drawers where the front just looks like they should be 3 smaller drawers.  The finish is really pretty and the piece is very sturdy and appears to be well-built.  It’s not in high-traffic area, so we’re thinking it will likely hold up well.  When we contrast this with some similar, more expensive pieces of furniture we’ve bought for other areas of the house, the apothecary chest from JCPenney is certainly the better value!

Since we were so happy with the apothecary chest, I decided to try a small area rug from JCPenney also and ordered the Rebecca Rug from the Everett Collection, which is actually an indoor/outdoor rug.  The reviews were a little mixed, but I found more pictures and a more detailed review on The Brick Cottage blog and decided to try it anyway.

I ordered the “Rebecca” pattern in a 3×5′ rectangle rug and got the shipping notification for it today.  The size should be about right to fill most of the space in the back entry way, which I’m thinking should help avoid tracking too much in to the rest of the house.  I’m hoping the colors will work well with the new entry way paint and I’m also hoping that the “indoor/outdoor” classification will mean that it will hold up well to any dirt or mud.  I’m hoping we’re as happy with it as we are with the new chest!

As a final touch, I also ordered a Peterboro Householder basket that we can fill with towels for the pool and leave by the back door in the summer.  I have a few other Peterboro baskets that I use for decoration on top of my kitchen cabinets and I’ve been really happy with them. This time, though, I ordered a larger one than I have in the kitchen and selected a darker (Cherry) stain color in the hopes it will match more closely with the color of the back door and the new chest.


Peterboro Householder Basket - picture from www.peterborobasket.com

The baskets usually take a couple of weeks to ship, so it will likely be a while yet before I see it in person, but I’m excited for it to arrive so we can finish putting together the back entry way.  I’m really hoping these changes will make the back entry way (and back door) a space we are more likely to use.  I’m also looking forward to getting all of the pool-related items off of the side porch in the hopes that it will stay more tidy without all of the extra clutter!

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