It’s been almost 3 weeks since the sod was installed in the center of the circle driveway, marking the completion of the entry way addition project!  It’s hard to believe it’s finally officially done!  Although there have been a lot of changes since we started the project last September, we think the addition of grass in the front yard has been one of the most transformational.

Here’s what we started with this spring:

Before Any Landscaping Work

The new driveway and construction work was complete, but we’d left the logs from the two oak trees laying in the center of the circle driveway through the winter so Chad’s dad could cut them up for firewood.  In mid-April, we had a tree service come back to haul out the remaining logs and grind out the stumps from the trees.  The second week of May, the landscapers started work on the beds around the house and driveway.  Here’s a picture after the landscapers left:

After Log Removal, Stump Grinding, and Flower Bed Landscaping

Then, the first week of June, the sod was installed, making such a huge difference in curb appeal.

Immediately After Sod Installation

After 3 weeks of watering and the first mowing, the sod is greening up and taking hold.  We’re so happy with the end result!

Three Weeks After Sod Installation

We’ve been really lucky that there’s been so much rain over the last couple of weeks – we’ve really only had just a couple of days where we’ve had to shuffle our schedules to be home during the morning or afternoon to move sprinklers and keep the grass damp.  It took probably a week and a half for the sod to start taking hold and rooting in the soil and we waited a little more than two weeks before mowing for the first time with a push mower on the highest setting.  The grass is actually getting pretty long again, but we’ll probably continue with the push mower for the next few weeks before driving the riding mower on the new grass.

We’ve really been enjoying the green grass outside the door in place of the dirt and mud we’ve had for the last 8 months or so and we can’t get over the difference it’s made to have plants, grass, and landscaping near the house rather than the concrete driveway we had before.  As a reminder, here’s what we started with last fall:

We just hope we’re able to keep the sod green and healthy through the hottest parts of the summer!

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