New Landscaping

We’re finally starting to make progress cleaning up the front yard from the new driveway and entry way addition last fall.  A few weeks ago, we had a tree service come in to remove the logs and grind out the stumps of the two oak trees that were taken down last fall in preparation for the construction work.  Then, about a week ago, the landscaper came to install the new plantings and beds around the house.  The only thing left now is to sod in the center of the driveway and seed around the edges, but with all the rain we’ve been having recently, it’s just been too wet.  We’re crossing our fingers that the weather will improve so that work on the grass can be started soon!

Here are some pictures of the landscaping so far:

Front of the House

To the Left of the Front Porch

To the Right of the Front Porch

By the Deck

In the Center of the Circle Drive

By the Flag Pole Across from the Garage

Landscaping in the Front Yard

Along the Side of the House

Back of the House

View of the River from the Back Door

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