Last fall, as we were getting started on the entry way & driveway project, we had 2 large oak trees taken down in the front yard.  The tree service ground up all of the branches, but left the larger logs for us to cut up for fire wood.  Over the winter Chad and his dad made a good dent in the large pile of logs that was left in our front yard and we’re down to just a few now that are too big or have too much rot.

Logs and Stumps in the Front Yard

Since we’re getting ready to start landscaping the front yard, we decided it was time to get rid of the wood that’s left and have the stumps ground out in preparation for laying sod in the center portion of the driveway.  I made a couple of phone calls last week and lined up a tree service to come in on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on weather) to haul away the remaining logs and grind out the stumps.

We’ve been looking at the wood pile for so long – I’m so excited that the days are numbered now until we can take the first step toward a nice new front lawn!

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