Work on our entry way addition has sure taken longer than we originally thought … the plan was to complete the work sometime around Thanksgiving, but (as always) there were several delays that stretched things out longer than anticipated.  As of last weekend, though, the only things remaining are a couple of touch-ups to the interior paint … and the last coat of exterior paint, although that will likely have to wait a couple of months for the weather to cooperate first.

I still need to get some pictures of the outside work, but I thought I’d share a few of the inside ones first.

Just as a reminder of what we had before, here are a couple of pictures of the small and out-dated entry way and connected powder room before the renovations started:

And here’s a picture of the entry way area taken from the same spot now that construction is complete.

The New Entry Way

We added about 6′ on to the front of the house, which gives room for a coat closet (on the left), a proper front door with side lights, and access to the kitchen (on the right) that doesn’t involve taking a short cut through the powder room like before.

Doors to the Coat Closet

We were really happy with the way the new coat closet doors turned out.  We had been a little concerned when we started the project that we would have trouble matching the style and stain color of the existing doors in the house, but the contractor & painter did a great job on both fronts … they go perfectly with the originals.

Inside the Coat Closet

Inside the coat closet, we asked for a stained hat shelf and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  We’ll probably keep looking for a closet rod and a couple of shelf brackets that have a more vintage feel than the ones there now, but we’re excited to finally have some closet space on the first floor and a good spot to keep coats!

French Door to the Kitchen

The french door in this picture goes to the kitchen, with a new pantry closet just through the door on the left and access to the basement stairs on the right.  We love the way the door looks – the only problem is that seeing the kitchen from the new entry way is making us start to think more seriously about our next remodeling project (updating the kitchen).

View of the New Entry Way From the Kitchen

The powder room connected to the entry way also got a face lift as part of this project.  The walls were filled in where a window and a second door (making it a pass-through to the kitchen) used to be.  We weren’t really intending to do a bathroom remodel, but by the time the walls were patched and the floor tiled to match the entry way, there were a couple of things (faucet, light fixtures, etc.) that just didn’t seem to fit, so we decided this might be a good time to make those updates also.

Updated Powder Room

The new light fixtures are a match to the sconce that we picked for the entry way area and we really like how they tie the two spaces together.  I also like the height they give the room considering that the ceiling slopes down under the staircase to second floor.  I’m also really liking the new faucet, which we think has a bit of a vintage feel.

Updated Faucet

Replacing the faucet (and drain) on a pedestal sink turned out to be a larger adventure requiring a lot more patience than we anticipated, but the end result was well worth it get the last bit of polished gold out of the bathroom and replace it with a fresher look.

We are so excited to have the main floor bathroom back and to finally be able to start using the new entry way space!  We were beginning to feel like this day would never come!

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  1. The improvements and paint colors look great. Very impressive.

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