Starting yesterday afternoon, we had the first snowfall of the year, with about 3″ of accumulation.  It looks like a winter wonderland outside!

Snowy Pine Trees

Chad also used this as his opportunity to try out the new snow blower for our lawn tractor, which worked out pretty well.  We think we’re really going to like not having mounds of snow on either side of the driveway like we had with the plow … and the nylon skid shoes we bought seem to be doing the trick as far as not marking up the new concrete.

The New Snowblower

The biggest complaint Chad had after the first run with the snowblower is that the tractor just doesn’t get enough traction in the snow.  Ours is a two-wheel drive and we’re trying to avoid using chains on the tires this year like we have in the past since we’re afraid it might damage the new driveway.  Instead, we bought a set of wheel weights hoping that would help offset the weight of the snowblower.  They do seem to be helping, but the wheels still seem to spin a lot.  Chad found some rubber tire chains online last week … thinking we might give them a try to see if that’s any better …

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2 thoughts on “First Snowfall of the Year

  1. Schwendau says:

    You could replace your tires with actual tractor tires rather than turf tires but you may not like what that does to your lawn the rest of the year.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey! Thanks for the suggestion! We wound up ordering the rubber tire chains last winter and they did a pretty good job providing traction on our relatively flat driveway. We’ll see how it goes this year … different tires are always an option, although, like you mentioned, I think we’d still want to switch back to the turf tires for mowing to avoid tearing up the yard too bad in the summer.

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