With the entry way project getting wrapping up in the next few weeks (hopefully!) we’ve started to focus on selecting hardware and fixtures for the new space.  We started by looking at the local home improvement centers and a couple of design showrooms, but weren’t finding a lot items that seemed right in our older colonial house.  A lot of the selection locally seems geared mostly to new construction with a few selections that might feel right in a craftsman style house, but very few options that seemed like they would be in keeping with the era of our house.  So, we decided to try looking online instead.

For light fixtures, we wound up selecting a couple of Murray Feiss Cotswald Lane fixtures for each side of the front door.  The light is available in a few different sizes and finishes – we picked the 21″ 2-light version in a black finish.  We’re hoping the larger scale will look right on either side of the front door and that the black finish will be a more classic look that will go with the style of the rest of the house.

Murray Fiess Cotswold Lane Lights

And we selected a Murray Feiss Pub Sconce for the wall above the pantry door.  For this one, we picked a pretty simple fixture since it won’t be in a very prominent spot and it seemed unnecessary to do anything fancier.

Murray Feiss Pub Sconce

For the wall sconce that will go in the new entry way, we found another fixture in the Hinkley Sussex collection that we liked.  We liked the unique design of this fixture and the fact that the projection is only 4″, so it will lay pretty flat against the wall and not feel like it sticks into the room too far.

Hinkley Sussex Wall Sconce

In addition to the light fixtures, we also found some nice hardware options on HouseOfAntiqueHardware.com.  From that website, we ordered Nostalgic Warehouse’s “Fifth Avenue” door hardware for the new front door.  We really struggled with the selection of door hardware.  We decided that we would prefer an entry set with a knob on both the interior and exterior of the door, which really limited our options.  We also decided that we wanted something that looked similar to the hardware on the rest of the doors in the house.  While this one isn’t exactly a match for anything we have anywhere else in the house, we think the simplistic style will blend nicely with the style of the existing knobs.

Fifth Avenue Lock Set

We also found some house numbers and a doorbell button that we think will look nice with the new hardware and light fixtures.

So far, we’ve received a couple of the new light fixtures and we’re pretty happy with the way they look.  We’re excited to get the rest of it and see what it all looks like when it gets installed.  The electricians dropped off the trim kits for the recessed lighting today along with the switches and outlets for the addition, so we’re hoping this means the light fixtures will be going in sometime this week …

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