This week, there has been a lot of progress on our entry way addition and front porch project.

On Monday, the rest of the porch flooring was primed and installed.  I’m so excited to see the finished flooring, but I haven’t managed to get a picture of it yet … the time change is making it hard to get exterior pictures before it turns dark!  I’m hoping to get some good pictures of the progress on the exterior of the addition over the weekend.

Earlier in the week, wallboard was also installed on the interior of the entry way and the plasterer came today to put up the first coat of plaster on the walls.  The addition is really starting to take shape – it’s always amazing how much of a difference wall board makes in defining what the room will look like.  Here are a couple of pictures of the progress so far:

Wallboard and Plaster in the Entry Way

The Ceiling and Coat Closet

We have a couple of fans running tonight to help this coat dry and the plasterer will be back tomorrow to complete the top coat.  We decided to do the walls and ceilings all with a smooth finish to match what we have everywhere else in the house.

Also this week, we made some decisions about the interior doors for the new space.  Our original plan was to reuse a couple of the old doors – the old glass front door was going to be used in the doorway between the kitchen and the new entry way and the old bathroom door (that’s being closed up with this project) was going to be used as the pantry closet door.  From the beginning, we knew there was a chance that the doors would have to be re-worked some in order to be re-used in the new locations, but we expected that those would be modifications that we would be able to make.

With the framing complete now, it’s become obvious that the old doors are both significantly large than the openings we’d planned to use them in and the difference would be to large to be able to modify the door to fit the opening.  So, we made the decision at the beginning of the week to order new doors for these two locations as well as for the new coat closet (which we had planned to order new doors for all along).

We decided that it was important to us that the closet doors match the rest of the doors in the house since they will a fairly prominent part of the new entry way.  The doors we have elsewhere in the house are four panel doors, but the design of them isn’t something available anymore, so the two closet doors will be custom made to match the existing doors.  Here’s a picture of the door design we will be matching for the french doors for the coat closet:

Existing Door Panel Design

For the door between the kitchen and the entryway, we decided on a standard 15 pane glass door that will be very similar to the old front door that we were planning to re-use, but the right size for the opening.  And for the pantry closet door, since it’s so narrow (only about 18″ wide), we decided to go with a standard two panel design similar to the one below, which we’re thinking will look like the narrow version of the 4-panel doors we have everywhere else:

Two Panel Door Design

We’re pretty excited to see the completion of the plaster work tomorrow and the new doors when they’re ready in a few weeks.  Things are really seeming like they’re starting to progress more quickly as far as the finish work on the inside of the addition – the floor tile should be in next week and there’s not much left after that!

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