One of our goals for the entry way addition project was for the front door to become more prominent so that there would no longer be confusion about which door should be the main entry to the house.  Here’s an old picture of how the house looked before:

Before we started work on the addition, we had three doors on the front of the house – two of which had identical green storm doors.  The one in the middle is the front door to the house; the one on the left is for a small side porch off of the kitchen.  Probably for a variety of reasons, most visitors to our house would use the door for the side porch rather than the front door.

With the entry way addition nearly complete, the front door is a lot more prominent, but we still felt like the green storm door drew too much attention to the side porch.  It was also looking a little worse for the wear, so we decided last weekend that it was time to replace it with a new white one, hoping it would blend in better and not be as much of a focal point.  Here’s are a couple of “after” photos:

The New White Storm Door

For the new door, we picked a full glass Pella storm door from Lowe’s.  We really thought hard about whether a full glass door would look right since there’s no solid door behind it, but we liked how solid the door was, so we decided to go with it anyway.  All the glass has taken a little getting used to, but it’s growing on us … we’re enjoying the extended view of the outdoors – and Kirby (our cat) is liking that she can easily look into the porch from outside now that the glass is so much lower, too.  :)  Between the entry way / front porch addition & the updated storm door, we think the change is for the better and there should be no confusion about which door is the front door now.

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