Entry Way Project Update

The new front porch and entry area has really started to take shape in the last several days.  It’s looking so different now, so I thought it was time to post some updated photos.

Last week, several more coats of primer and paint went on the exterior of the new entry way addition and the first coats of finish went on the new mahogany front door:

The New Front Door & Porch

There’s still at least one more coat of paint planned on the new siding and deck boards.  The facia boards on the front porch (along with the footings that are now painted black) will also get a fresh coat of white paint, which we think will help the footings disappear into the shape of the porch.  Color wise, we decided to stick with white for the siding and trim and picked a medium gray color (Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast) for the deck boards.  With the first few coats of paint on the new columns, siding, and porch, we’re really starting to see what the new addition is going to look like when it’s done – it’s exciting to see it start to come together!

Inside, the plaster work was completed a couple of weeks ago and painting started at the end of last week after the plaster had had a chance to dry enough.  The ceilings and closets have all been painted white.  For the walls of the entry way, we picked a blue/gray color (Sherwin Williams Aleutian) that we’re hoping will look nice against the gray tiles.  We had originally planned to paint the walls a little bit different shade that was a little more muted and not so blue (Sherwin Williams Steely Gray), but decided that it might actually look too much like the gray floor tiles that we picked out, so we changed our selection at the last minute.

The second coat went on the walls today and I’m really happy with the way it looks.  Here’s a picture I took tonight – it’s a little hard to see the color since we don’t have good lighting in the room just yet, but you can get the idea:

Entry Way Paint Color

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