“Slow and Steady” seems to be the name of the game for pouring the new circle driveway and parking pad in front of the garage.  Yesterday and today, the contractors finished pouring the basically straight portion of the new driveway that connects the circle part with the straight stretch out to the road.  Here’s a photo:

The New Sections of Concrete

The portion yet to be completed in front and to the right of the garage have been pretty much prepped, but we’re guessing this section will be completed in a couple of separate pours, probably tomorrow and Friday.

The Parking Pad in front of the Garage Yet to be Poured

I also took a picture from the window in our second floor laundry room to give an idea of the overall shape for the new driveway:

The New Driveway

Between the trees that we had cut down a couple of weeks ago and the new location of the driveway, things are looking a lot different than they did before.  I found this picture, which was taken from the same location the day we moved into the house about 3 years ago:

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