Even though there hasn’t been a lot of progress made on the entry way addition in the last couple of weeks while most of the efforts have been focused on finishing the new driveway before the weather turns cold, I decided last week that it was time to start thinking about paint colors for the new entry way.  I know it’s actually pretty early, but picking paint colors is never easy for me, so I thought it would be better to be thinking about it earlier rather than later.  Since we were also working on selecting tile for the entry way, I wanted to make sure that the tile & paint colors would go well with each other and the other colors on the main floor of our house.

So, for the floor we’re planning to use American Olean Unglazed Mosaic tile, which we think should be pretty consistent with the kind of tile that would have been put in houses in 1915 when ours was built.  For colors, though, we’re planning to do something a little less traditional than the standard black and white.  We’re a little concerned that a black and white color palette will make the entry way feel too much like a bathroom.  So, instead our plan is use the Storm Gray color for the field tile and install a border in Biscuit that will go around the perimeter of the room.  We’re also planning to incorporate the address numbers into the tile border right in front of the new entry door.

Here are photos of our color selections for the tile:

Storm Gray


And here’s a mock-up of the design we’re planning to use for adding the address numbers to the border:

Address Numbers in the Tile Border

As far as paint color selections, I need to make a decision about what colors to use for the entry way area and also for the powder room, which will have a window and one of the two doors closed up as part of this project.  Since we settled on pretty neutral colors for the floor tile, I think we should have a lot of paint color options that would work, but I wanted to make sure they would work with the rest of the colors on the main floor of the house also.

Here are color swatches for some existing paint colors we have on the main floor that we’re happy with and not planning to change in the foreseeable future:

Sherwin Williams Nuthatch (Sunroom)

Sherwin Williams Sand Dune (Living Room)

Sherwin Williams Pavestone (Dining Room)

And here are the color swatches that I’m thinking about for the new / remodeled spaces:

Sherwin Williams Techno Gray (Powder Room)

Sherwin Williams Steely Gray (Entry Way)

The Techno Gray color is actually the current paint color for the powder room.  It looks a little greener on the wall than it does in on the color swatch … here’s a link to some posts with some pictures from when we painted it before.  I was really thinking of selecting something different, but I liked the color and it seems to fit well with all of the rest of the colors in the house, so I figured there was nothing wrong with just re-painting it the same color.

The Steely Gray color is a new one for us and the paint sample has a pretty blue hint to it.  Since it’s definitely part of the gray family, though, we think it should play off of the new floor tile nicely.

While I was picking out paint colors, I also made some selections for a couple of other spaces on the main floor that we will probably re-paint at some point in the not-too-distant future, just to make sure that everything will work together nicely by the time we do actually get all of the colors updated.  Here’s what I’m thinking for the entry hall and the kitchen:

Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage (Entry Hall)

Sherwin Williams Basket Beige (Kitchen)

The color palette is pretty muted, but I think that will be a good thing.  All of the colors should be dark enough that the white trim will really pop in all of the rooms, which is something we’re lacking now … and I’m hoping they won’t be too dark or intense for the spaces either.  I’d much rather have them turn out to be a little on the pale side than to be too bold.  Once we get a little further with the project and actually have walls in the new entry way, I’ll get some sample quarts to make sure the colors work as well on the wall as they seem like they will from the paint chips, but, for now, I’m excited to at least have an idea of where to start when that time comes!

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