Our New Driveway is Done!

The last big section of our new driveway was poured yesterday and one of the contractors came back this morning to cut the expansion joints.  Our new driveway is officially done!  Here are some “Before” and “After” pictures!


The old driveway was an uneven blend of concrete & blacktop by the garage with a too-narrow circle drive  with curbs that made it feel like bumper cars when driving around.  The old driveway also went under the porte cochere, so we updated the layout in order to accommodate the new entry way addition and front porch.

The Old Circle Driveway

The Old Concrete / Blacktop Mix by the Garage

The Old Driveway Under the Porte Cochere


The new driveway is a couple feet wider and lacks the curbs of the old one, so we’re hoping it will be easier to navigate.  The parking area in front of the garage was also replaced with concrete.

The New Circle Drive

Parking Area by the Garage

New Layout for the Driveway

It will still be a while before we can drive on the new concrete, but we’re excited to see this part of the project coming to a close.  The contractors said they’ll probably work on some rough grading around the new driveway on Monday and probably also pour a few squares of sidewalk from the driveway to the door by the kitchen.  After that, we’re thinking the focus will probably shift to the addition & front porch we’re adding under the old porte cochere roof structure.

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