The Trees are Down!

It took a little longer than we expected, but after 2 full days of work, the tree service has finished cutting down a blue spruce tree in the back yard by the pool and two oak trees in the front yard that were in the center of the circle drive.

The blue spruce came down in just a couple hours and without any major equipment involved.  We had the tree service just haul the branches and logs outside of the pool fence and pack them on the hillside of the ravine rather than carry them around front and chip them since that would have been a much bigger job.  The hosta around the base of the tree are pretty well done for this year (they got a bit trampled while the tree was being taken down), but they should come back looking perfect next year.  I think this is a tree we won’t be missing much – it was so messy to have around the pool and the river view is better without the tree there!  Here are some pictures:

Cutting Down the Blue Spruce Tree

The Tree Stump

The Improved River View

We also had the tree service take down a couple of big oak trees right in front of the house.  One of them had a couple of big splits and we were afraid it would fall during a storm.  Both of the trees were also too big to have so close to the house and, with the positioning of the new driveway, we were afraid that they wouldn’t do well once the concrete was poured due to lack of water, cut roots, etc.  So, we decided it was time to cut them down.  This was a more time-consuming job than we estimated – it took about a day and a half using a bucket truck and a crane.  All of the branches and leaves were chipped, but we had them leave the logs to be used for fire wood, or maybe to mill into a few nice boards for use in some projects around the house – we aren’t quite sure yet.  Here are some photos of the work on the oak trees:

The Crane Truck, Bucket Truck, and Chipper

Cutting Down the Oak Trees

The tree with the split was mostly hollow.

The logs from the oak trees.

The House without the Oak Trees

Since the tree service was here Thursday and Friday of last week, the contractors working on the addition and driveway had to stay out of their way and couldn’t make too much progress during that time.  We did get a lumber delivery on Friday, though, and Gary started framing the floor for the addition, so it’s getting a little easier to visualize what it might look like (size-wise at least) when it’s done.

Framing the Floor for the Entry Way Addition

As of last week, the contractors thought they might start pouring some sections of driveway tomorrow or maybe work on framing some walls for the entry way addition.  We’re excited to see everything coming together so quickly!

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