A lot happened on the entry way & driveway project today, but, unfortunately, we didn’t get very many pictures due to the rain that came through late this afternoon.

The contractors worked this morning to finish digging the footing for the new entry way addition, the city inspector stopped by to check out their work, and the footing was poured (along with the floor of the crawl space) early this afternoon.  A lot of progress was also made in breaking up the existing driveway using a jack hammer attachment for the skid steer.  After all of the work that was completed today, it’s getting kind of hard to navigate the mess from the garage to the house, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end!

Here’s a couple of pictures we got before the rain started … I’ll post more tomorrow!

Pouring the Footing Under the Entry Way Addition

Breaking Up the Old Driveway

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