Work on the entry way project was delayed for a few days last week while the contractor worked with the city to get permits for our addition & driveway, but work resumed today and they made a lot of progress!  The old concrete step and driveway under the porte cochere was broken out and digging started for the foundation walls of the new addition.  Here are some photos:

Without the Old Front Stoop

Digging for the Foundation Walls

Breaking Out the Driveway

Skid Steer & Excavator

The most surprising discovery of the day was a previously closed-up doorway to the left of the front door … in the same position as the new door we plan to add to the kitchen.  We think this might have been the original access to the basement, maybe before an interior door was added to provide access without going outside?

A Previously-Closed-In Doorway

Work on the project is supposed to continue tomorrow – if things progress at this rate, it seems like there’s a chance the foundation might be completed by the end of the week!

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