Today was the first work day for the project to expand the entry way and add a front porch to our house in place of the existing porte cochere.  The task for the day was to straighten out the existing roof structure so that the height looks consistent between the left and right sides … as opposed to before when the left side looked clearly higher than the right.  Here are before and after pictures:

It’s kind of a subtle change, but we’re pretty happy with the results.  It’s still probably not perfectly level, but close enough that it’s not immediately noticeable when you first look at the house which is what we were looking to avoid.  Initially, the contractor thought they’d need to do a little bit of adjustment on each side of the roof structure, to raise the right side a little and lower the left, but it looks like raising the right front corner and inserting a couple of spacers was enough to do the job.

Overall, we’re pretty happy with the way the roof straightening effort turned out.  Looks like the plan for tomorrow is to start breaking out the concrete under the roof and digging for the foundation of the addition … using the excavator left in our driveway over night.

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