We officially signed and sent back the bid for the project to make some adjustments to our entry way and porte cochere last week.  At the time, the contractor thought it would be a couple of weeks before they’d be ready to start on our project, but I got a call today and they’re planning to start tomorrow!  We think it’s a good sign to be starting the project ahead of schedule, at least.  :)

So, the plan for tomorrow is to start working on straightening out the existing roof structure over the porte cochere so that it looks level along the front when viewed from a distance.  Right now, the left side is definitely higher than the right side and, although we think it’s by design (the supporting pillars are different lengths) it really doesn’t look that way.  Here’s a picture:

The Porte Cochere

We discussed the slant of the roof with the contractor at length and he’s confident they’ll at least be able to make it better by raising the right side a bit and lowering the left side, but they’re going to work on that part of the project first so we’ll know up front how much it can be corrected and decide at that point if we’re ok with whatever slant is left or if we need to take further action to try to level it out even further.

In preparation for all of the activity on the project in the next couple of months, we set up the web cam that has a view of the front door again tonight and posted a snap shot from it in the right sidebar of the blog for anyone who wants to track the progress of this project.  The image is set to refresh every 5 minutes.

We’ve been talking about doing this project for so long that it seems a little surreal that work is going to begin on it so soon.  It will be so exciting to see the changes start happening!

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