Progress in the Backyard

In the last couple of months, we’ve made a lot of changes in our backyard.  Thought I’d post some pictures of the updates …


Old Railroad Tie Retaining Wall & Chain Link Fence

Old Stepping Stone Path

Old Chain Link Fence & Gate


New retaining wall, fence, and steps.

New Patio Set by the Pool

New Sidewalk

New Iron Fence

Stairs and Walkway

We started by installing a new block retaining wall out by the pool in place of the old railroad tie wall.  The new wall’s almost done … we just have a little bit of work left to finish off the end by the stairs, glue the cap stones in place, and finish off the area between the fence and the wall with some new river rock.

We then had a new fence installed around the pool.  The side closest to the house is a classic iron fence with an 8′ gate that’s big enough to drive our mower through.  The other three sides of the fence are black vinyl coated chain link.  We really like the difference the new fence has made and are especially enjoying the larger gate, which helps the pool area feel more connected to the rest of the back yard.

Only a few days after the fence installation was complete, the concrete guys showed up to install the new 5′ sidewalk and stairs to the pool.  Besides providing a lot better definition to the walkway than the old stepping stones did, we really like  not having to walk single file to the pool anymore!

We still have plans to take down a few trees and turn some of the ground cover back into grass, but the major parts of the project are pretty much done … and we’re really enjoying the updates!

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