We officially opened the swimming pool today!

After our unsuccessful attempt to start up the pool equipment last week, we wound up ordering a new pump and filter online. We didn’t have a lot of time to research the pros and cons of all of the different models, but, based on the positive comments we read, we wound up ordering the Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter & Superflo Pump system. The new equipment arrived on Thursday and Chad took Friday off work to start installing everything. With the help of his dad, they were able to get most of the plumbing completed on Friday and we finished up the remaining couple of connections yesterday.

The New Pool Equipment

The New Pool Equipment

After giving the glue time to dry over night, we started up the pump this morning, removed the winter cover, brushed the pool, and started adding chemicals to balance the water.

Overall the new equipment seems fine so far.  We think the pump might be a little quieter than the old one, but it’s not as drastic of a difference as we thought it might be.  It’s really probably a little too early to comment on the performance of new pump and filter, though … we’ll have to see what we think about it by the end of the summer, I guess.

We also ordered a Hayward Swimpure chlorine generator last weekend, which we haven’t started the installation for yet.  Our goal is to have the pool water clear enough that we can see the bottom before we start trying to dissolve the required amount of salt (we think about 13 40-lb bags) in the pool.  We also need to get the water balanced before we can really start using the generator.  Right now, the pH is at 7.0, which is a little low and could cause the water to become corrosive when we start using the chlorine generator.  Also, our stabilizer has completely disappeared over the winter (we’re not sure why), so we added some to the water today, but it’ll take about 48 hours before we can get a good reading to see how much more adjustment is required.

We’re hoping the rainy weather will let up some this week so we will have a chance to complete the plumbing and electrical work for the chlorine generator.  We’re also hoping to be able to get the pool cleared up and the water chemistry in line with the acceptable values so we can start dissolving the salt and running the chlorine generator by next weekend.  I’m really anxious to get the whole system up and running – it will be so nice to not have to purchase liquid chlorine in bulk anymore!

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