After doing a lot of reading over the last year or so on Trouble Free Pool and other sites, we decided to convert our swimming pool to a salt water pool and install a chlorine generator this Spring.  We’re hoping this change will make the pool easier to maintain and keep the chlorine level more consistent.  We stopped at some of the local pool stores last weekend to check out the locally available options, but wound up ordering a Hayward Swimpure unit online, which we’re planning to install ourselves.

Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator

Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator

In preparation for the installation, we decided yesterday it would be a good idea to open the pool for the season, get the pump running again, and start balancing and filtering the water before we start trying to dissolve all of the salt and turn on the chlorine generator.  Our plan was to get everything in shape so that we could install the chlorine generator over the weekend and maybe start adding salt sometime next week.  But, no such luck …

We removed all the winter plugs and turned the power back on to all of the pool equipment, but the pump refused to start up correctly.  The impeller was stuck to start with (like it is most years when we open the pool), but even after Chad freed it, it turned very slowly and just wouldn’t run correctly.  We inherited all of the pool equipment when we bought our house two and a half years ago and we have no idea how old it is , but we decided this must mean it was time for an upgrade.  We had just re-plumbed all of the pool equipment last summer and we knew we’d have to redo a lot of the plumbing again for the installation of a new pump and chlorine generator, so we decided we might as well replace the filter at the same time to avoid having to do more re-plumbing whenever it finally gives up too.

The Old (Broken) Pool Equipment

We researched some online and eventually decided to purchase a Pentair Clean & Clear 320 sq. ft. cartridge filter to replace our old sand filter, largely because the performance of cartridge filters is supposed to be better than sand and also because they’re supposed to be easier to maintain than the DE filters.  We purchased the filter as part of a bundle, which also included a 1.0 horse power Pentair Superflo pump for a small discount.  We placed the order last night and the new equipment has already shipped and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter

Pentair Superflo 1 HP Pump

We removed the old filter and pump from the equipment pad today.  We’ll plan to start the installation of the new equipment tomorrow and hopefully have the pool opened by the end of the weekend with all of the new stuff in place.  We’re just crossing our fingers that we once we get everything up and running, it will be noticeably quieter than the old system and we’re also really hoping that we don’t find problems with the heater now too!

Removing the Old Sand Filter

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