Since we moved into our house two and a half years ago, we’d only used the fireplace in the living room just a couple of times.  It had been updated sometime in the last 20 years or so with a set of gas logs and while they looked nice and weren’t as messy as a wood fire, they did a better job of removing heat from the room than adding it.  So, this winter, we decided to update the fireplace by installing a new gas insert.

We visited several several stores in the area and looked at a variety of inserts before deciding on the Mendota FullView FV44i.  We liked the FullView unit the best because the viewable dimensions were the closest to the size of our firebox, so the size of the black trim piece around the insert would be more limited.  This was also one of the only units we looked at that had a remote control with a thermostat mode so that the fireplace could be set to automatically turn on and off depending on the room temperature.

The new insert was installed about a month ago.  The installation took the better part of a day and required that some of the brick from the firebox be removed to make room for the unit.  Here are some pictures:

With some bricks removed ...

The New Insert

The remote control.

With the weather starting to get a little warmer here now, we haven’t used the insert a whole lot since it was installed, but it definitely puts out a lot of heat and we think we’ll get a lot of use out of it next fall and winter … and it sure looks a lot better than the old shiny brass doors!

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