We ordered some new furniture for our living room back on September 19th.  At the time, they told us that the fabric pieces we ordered would take 60-90 days to come in and the leather chair and ottoman would probably be more like 90-120 days.  Since it had been almost 2 months, I called yesterday to ask about the status of our order and see if they could give me some firmer dates for when our furniture would be in.  Turns out the fabric furniture is in the local warehouse already, but the leather stuff (which wasn’t considered custom) has been back-ordered and probably won’t be in until the end of February or beginning of March – almost 6 months after we ordered it!

Because it’s going to be so long before we’d get the leather furniture, they’re giving us the option to take the same chair and ottoman in a lighter brown color.  They have the chair in the lighter color in the local warehouse already, but we’d still have to order the ottoman and that would still take until the end of February to come in, so I’m not sure we’ve gained much.

Even for the fabric furniture, which is already here (actually a little ahead of schedule), it sounds like it will be a couple weeks before it will be delivered … and that’s if I go in tomorrow to pay the balance for that furniture.  Once I pay for the rest of it, they said they’d release the order to the warehouse.  Then, within 3-5 business days, I should expect to receive a phone call from the warehouse manager who will schedule delivery sometime in the following 5-10 business days.  That means there’s still a chance we won’t have the furniture before Thanksgiving … and it’s probably no more than 10 miles from our house right now!  Insane!

I think the thing that bothers me the most about the whole thing is that every other industry is working to become more efficient and speed up their manufacturing and delivery time – except for the furniture industry.  It doesn’t seem to matter where you order it from or how custom it is – it just takes forever … and even when the furniture comes in, it’s likely to have something wrong with it.

We’re still deciding what to do about the leather chair & ottoman that won’t be in until February/March.  Even if we cancel the order and go find something we like at another furniture store, we’re starting the process all over again – and it might still be February before we actually get the furniture …  Ug.

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3 thoughts on “Why Does It Take Sooo Long to Get New Furniture???

  1. jenni says:

    Chances are the chair is made overseas- China.
    What brand did you buy?
    Also, I would tell the company that you need the other furniture that is near the warehouse that you need it asap. Ask what they can do to speed up the process.

    The furniture market is hurting and I would think the retailer would do what is possible to help you.
    Upholstry has always had a long lead time.

    I worked for a furniture manufacturer and well…..you are right.

  2. Sarah says:

    All of the furniture we ordered is from La-Z-Boy … and we actually got it from a La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery store, which we thought would be better since we’d be dealing with the same company that manufactures the furniture … but I’m not sure it’s making a difference.

    We actually went to the store tonight to pay the remaining balance for the furniture that’s in so we can start the process of waiting for delivery and the lady at the front desk told us that our order now shows that the leather chair and ottoman won’t be in until next May. Although she said it’s always possible for the furniture to come in ahead of time, the May date is there to avoid unrealistic expectations about the delivery timeframe. Unrealistic expectations … May will be 8 months from when we ordered the furniture!

    At this point, we’re really considering canceling the order and going somewhere else … it can’t be that hard to find a brown leather chair and ottoman that we’ll be able to have before May!

  3. Sarah says:

    Just an update: we finally decided not to wait for the leather chair and ottoman to come in, so we called a couple days ago to request that the order be cancelled. Although their immediate response was that this would require that we pay a 1/3 re-stocking fee, it was waived after our sales lady talked with the store manager about the specific circumstances for us canceling the order.

    It was really unfortunate and a bit frustrating that the furniture we ordered in September was going to take so long to come in, but at least they did the right thing and agreed to give us a refund. We’re planning to place an order for a similar chair and ottoman through another furniture store this week, which we’re hoping will come in earlier than March!

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