As of this morning, we finally have a new interior shut off valve for water!

New Shut Off Valve

New Shut Off Valve

We started this project about 3 months ago since the old shut off valve was missing its handle and we were afraid it would leak or break if we ever needed to use it.  Instead, we wound up with a broken curb box when the city shut our water off outside and we had no water for about 3 days until we could get someone in with a mini excavator to fix it.  Since then, we’ve been a little hesitant to replace the shut off valve for fear of a repeat problem, but finally got brave enough to schedule it last week.

So, this morning, a plumber came out to replace the valve, and 45 minutes later, we had a new quarter turn shut off valve in place of the old one!  The plumber was a little concerned that the old galvanized pipe would be in a fragile enough state that it wouldn’t be possible to install the new valve, but (although the pipe is pretty rusty looking inside) there were no problems.  Now, we’re all set to replace faucets, old galvanized pipe, or whatever else we want!

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