Finishing the Deck Repairs

We finished up work today on our deck to fix a problem where tree roots were pushing up on the framing, causing a “bump” around the tree.  We started by re-working the framing for the deck around the tree to give the roots more breathing room and then replaced all of the decking that had been removed for the framing work.  Here are “before” and “after” pictures … it’s a little hard to tell from the pictures, but the “bump” in the deck is definitely gone now:

The "Before" Picture:  Tree roots are pushing up on the deck's framing causing a bulge around the tree. The "After" Picture

We had some trouble getting the old deck boards up in one piece without them splitting or breaking when we tried to remove them, so we wound up replacing some of the decking with new lumber when we put the deck back together.  The new boards we put down are 2″ x 6″ cedar decking.  We aren’t sure if the rest of the deck is cedar or redwood – it’s really red in color when we cut into it and doesn’t smell like cedar, so we thought it was redwood, but the people at the lumber yard thought cedar instead.  Since we weren’t able to find redwood at any of the local lumber yards, though, our only option was to patch it with cedar and hope everything blends ok when we re-stain the deck.

Our next project now is to work on cleaning up and re-staining/painting the deck since it took a bit of a beating over the winter and we need to make all of the new work blend in with the old deck boards.  I’ve done a little reading on the best approach for re-staining a deck and it sounds like we’ll start by giving it a good scrubbing with a deck cleaner and then follow up with a fresh coat of paint in the railings and facia board and a couple coats of stain on the decking.  Since there’s rain in the forecast here every day for the next week or so, though, it’s likely that it might be a couple of weeks before I’m able to really start working on it …

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