Over the weekend, we installed new wall sconces in the powder room we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.  We think they’re a big improvement over what was there before largely because they don’t stick out so far from the wall so it’s not as easy as it was with the old ones to hit your head on them when using the sink.  The shades are more opaque than what was there before, so we were worried they would make the bathroom feel dark and shadowy in comparison, but that turned out to not be a problem.

New Bathroom Sconces

New Bathroom Sconces

After removing the old light fixtures, we discovered that, although the wiring had been updated, electrical boxes were never installed for the fixtures.  So, we made that part of the project for installing the new light fixtures.  It was made much easier when we discovered that the plaster walls of the bathroom had been replaced with drywall during a previous remodel, so cutting the holes for the electrical boxes was a much simpler task than we were expecting.

The bathroom project is getting a lot closer to being done.  I still need to paint the ceiling with a not-so-shiny paint and touch up the walls in a couple places, but then most of the work will be done.  We’re thinking about getting a narrow mirror to hang on the wall between the sconces and probably some new hardware and that should wrap up the project.

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