Update:  The pictures below of the bookshelves and accent table we ordered for our sunroom are from the original product pages on the JCPenney and Target websites, but the products are no longer available online.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

About a year ago, we painted and got new furniture for our sun room, which we’re now using as a family room.  The new furniture has worked out great and we really enjoy having a TV room on the main floor of the house, but the room has never quite felt “finished”.  So, this week, I placed an order for a few more smaller pieces of furniture to place along the walls and in the corners of the room to help make it feel more complete.

Leaning Bookshelves

Leaning Bookshelves (photo from jcpenney.com)

The first pieces we purchased were the 25.5″ Leaning Bookshelves from JCPenney.  I’ve liked this style of shelf for a while because it’s so airy and seems like it won’t take up so much visual space in the room, but most of the ones we see are too wide to fit the space in the sun room.  At 25.5″ wide, these are just the right size to fit between the patio doors and the corners of the room, with one shelf placed on each side of the door.  I’m still a little concerned about the quality of the shelves, but since we plan to use them just for pictures and other decorative items that won’t be as heavy as books, I’m hoping we won’t have a problem.  The reviews on JCPenney’s website indicated that the shelves in the espresso finish (the color we ordered) seem to be of higher quality materials than the same shelves in a black finish.  It seems a little strange to me that the material would be different based on the color, but I’m still hopeful that we’ll be happy with the quality when we receive them.


Accent Table (photo from target.com)

I also ordered an 18″ diameter accent table from Target for placing in an opposite corner of the room.  It will be just the right size to tuck into the corner and hold a smaller potted plant or two that are now awkwardly sitting on the floor.  My only concern with this piece is that the wood color blends well with the color of the rest of the furniture in the room (which I’m hoping shouldn’t be a problem since there are multiple wood tones in the table top).

I haven’t received shipment notifications on either one yet, so it’s probably wishful thinking that they’ll be here by the end of this week, but I can’t wait to get everything assembled to see how it looks in the room.  Hopefully we won’t be disappointed!

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