Slowly, but surely, we’re covering up our bare windows at least enough that the neighbors can’t watch everything we do at night.  Over the last few days, we finally got around to installing the blinds I ordered several weeks ago for the laundry room and the bathroom on the third floor.  It’s so nice to feel like we have a little privacy now!

For the laundry room, I ordered custom Levolor Mark I Cordless aluminum blinds to match the ones we have in the other bedroom that faces the front of the house.  They went up without too much difficulty, but the mounting brackets are one of the trickiest designs I’ve ever seen.  I think we may have problems when it comes time to take them down.  They’re spring loaded and the blind is hung by clipping the front of the head rail on to the bracket and then pushing back to compress the spring enough that the back of the head rail can clip on.  We learned the hard way with a couple of the blinds in the other bedroom, though, that if you don’t push just right to release the blind when taking it down, the front of the headrail can become clipped in the wrong place making it about impossible to get down.  I’m not sure what the reason is for this design – we’ve ordered other shades from Levolor in the past and they’ve come with much more normal, easy to operate mounting brackets.  Hopefully, though, we won’t have any reason to take the shades down in the near future.  Besides the awkward brackets, though, I like the shades a lot.  They stack pretty small at the top of the window and could easily hide behind curtains (if we ever put any up) and they provide some much needed privacy for the bathroom/shower that’s connected to the laundry room … although I’m sure our neighbors will miss watching us walk around in towels in the morning.

For the bathroom on the third floor, I ordered a Natural Basswood blind (in white) from JCPenney.  The bathroom is tucked into one of the dormers and it’s a rather awkward space to start with.  To be able to fit the plumbing in for a toilet, it sits on a small step and the window is nearly floor to ceiling.  To make it worse, the shade that was there before (I forgot to take a picture before we took it down) was a pleated lace shade that could easily be seen through and it wasn’t quite wide enough for the window.  All of these things combined made this a bathroom that no one liked to use.  The new blind was easy to install, fits the window perfectly, has a much cleaner look, and provides a lot more privacy than what we had before.  It’s still a funny little bathroom, but it’s a lot nicer to have the option of privacy now.

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