New Blinds on Order!

I finally broke down yesterday and placed an order for shades for a few rooms in the house.  Now that it’s getting dark earlier, I’m starting to feel more self conscious about the fact that we have nothing in the way of our neighbors watching us eat dinner at the kitchen table every night.  So, I decided it was time to finally order some blinds for the windows in our kitchen and laundry room (which have been blind-less since we moved in last fall) and a replacement blind for the bathroom in our attic, which has had a lacy see-through shade until now.

For the kitchen windows, I decided on the Cape Code roman shades from JCPenney, in the Golden Oak color.  I ordered a standard size (since custom is so much more expensive) and I’m planning to do an outside mount with them so I’ll have a little more flexibility about how high they’re mounted.  The windows are only 57″ tall, but the standard length for the blinds was 72″, so I’m not sure if it will look weird to have the extra material at the bottom or not.  It doesn’t sound like they come with instructions for shortening the blinds, but I looked at them in the store for a while and I think it wouldn’t be too hard to do if I needed to.  Because the rest of our shades look white from the outside, I also ordered some white privacy liners for roman shades from Target.  They come in the same size as the blinds and it sounds like they clip on the back pretty easily.  I’m not really concerned about privacy since it seems like the blinds are woven pretty tightly, so all I’m looking for is just a uniform appearance from the front of the house.  Hopefully they’ll do the trick.

For the second floor laundry room, I wound up having to order some custom shades because the window sizes are so non-standard, but there were only two windows, so it wasn’t too pricey.  For that room I ordered 1″ Levalor Mark I cordless aluminum mini blinds to match the ones in the front bedroom just opposite it.  The blinds that we already have in the bedroom were installed by the previous owner, so I took a one of them down yesterday to get the color and style from the sticker inside the head rail of the blind.  The color we ordered is called “White Cap” and it’s a slightly creamier color than the standard shade of white, so it matches the trim a little better.  I just hope they haven’t changed the color over the last few years or we could be in for a surprise!

We also ordered a single 1″ Natural Basswood wooden blind from JCPenney (like the ones in the picture, except for in white) for the bathroom on the third floor.  We have one of these in a bathroom on the main floor and we like it a lot for a bathroom, so we thought we’d stick with something we already know we like.  We were able to order a standard size for this one too and, since shortening mini blinds is fairly standard, I’m pretty sure it’ll work out ok for the bathroom.

Anyway, in the next week or so, we should have lots of blinds arriving in the mail.  I’m so excited to finally get some window treatments up and have some privacy from the neighbors!

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