The water in our pool started to turn a little cloudy over the weekend.  After running the first set of tests, the only difference we noticed about the water was that the pH level looked a little high.  So, on Tuesday, I added some pH Minus to try to bring it back to a more acceptable range, which appears to have worked (it’s now a much more normal 7.4).  After that adjustment, all elements of the pool chemistry were within the acceptable range, but the water didn’t look any better … in fact it started getting worse.  As of yesterday, the pool had turned a nice shade of green and was so cloudy I couldn’t see the bottom drain.

Even though the chlorine level has remained higher than we normally keep it all week, I still shocked the pool two nights ago to try to kill whatever was growing in the water, but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference.  Because the chemistry of the pool water seems to be fine, we’re now thinking the cause of the problem is the our sand filter becoming “channeled” so that the water passes through it without actually being filtered.  To fix this, I backwashed until the site-glass turned clear and then started the rinse cycle, planning to let it run for a while, but only about a minute in, the small corregated pipe we’re using as a backwash hose came detatched from the filter (and wouldn’t stay attached again with all of the water pressure once it had come loose) so I had to turn it off and just start filtering again.  Even with only a minute or so of rinsing, though, it seems like the filter is starting to work a little better … the drain was at least visible by the time I got home from work tonight.

We bought a bigger diameter corrugated pipe tonight to use for backwashing so we can get that back up and running this weekend.  Hopefully after a full cycle of backwashing and rinsing, we’ll notice an even bigger improvement in the filter performance and our pool water will go back to being crystal clear.

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